The Saturday of the 50th anniversary of the Wilnsdorf community was dedicated to the economy. We, Meleghy Automotive, as a founding member of the AWU (Arbeitskreis Wilnsdorfer Unternehmer), opened our doors to the citizens of Wilnsdorf for a few hours on Saturday, 15th June 2019, together with nine other companies. AWU took the weekend as an opportunity to show the diversity of the industry and business landscape that has grown in the community over the last 50 years.

The day was dedicated to business, family and fun. In keeping with Meleghy Automotive’s corporate philosophy, it was easy for our team of employees and management to prepare for the event. The AWU organized a shuttle bus which made it possible to reach the companies in the industrial area “Lehnscheid” quickly and easily. On the fairground (parking lot of the fashion house Bruno Kleine) a small supporting program was offered during the day, among other things with a bouncy castle for children and different meals and beverages. The companies organized their programs on site.

The hours flew by. We had a lot of fun showing young and old our products and productions – and how versatile and strong the automotive industry is. In small groups we went through the Wilnsdorf factory hall, one of our smaller locations. Specialists from the individual departments were available at all times to answer the questions of visitors thirsting for knowledge. During the tour, production ran at normal Saturday levels so that visitors could get a precise impression of the press forces and robot systems.

The number of visitors increased with every hour after the shuttle bus had completed its first laps. Many interested people also came with their own car, which is why we adjusted our half-hourly tour cycle to a 20-minute rhythm. We cannot complain about the lack of interest of the citizens. From young to old everything was represented. After the tour many were very astonished about the extent of the production, some had respect for the machinery, but all were enthusiastic. We were happy to give the stamp to the possibility to win a helicopter sightseeing flight, a small incentive of the AWU organizers. If you had visited at least three companies, you could win a helicopter flight for two over Wilnsdorf. Some lucky winners we met again later at the take-off.

Dr. Thomas Werle (managing partner) was on site and guided some tours through the factory. “Our team did a great job to lift this event with little manpower.” As managing director of Meleghy Automotive as well as a member of the AWU board, he could book the event as a positive success. “I think there should be such an event again in the coming years, we will discuss it at AWU and inspire even more members to take part”.

The event day was rounded off in the evening with a large open-air concert on the fairground at the fashion house Bruno Kleine. The “Liebslingsband” rocked the stage from 8pm and concluded a successful day for young and old with party music and live entertainment.