Visit of the Municipal Council and Municipal Administration Reinsdorf together with Mayor Steffen Ludwig to the production plant Meleghy Automotive

The Reinsdorf municipal council and the town hall administration were guests at Meleghy Automotive after three years to view the result from the cooperation on the construction of the Reinsdorf plant.

In a joint round of talks, combined with a tour of the production plant, the cooperation over the last three years was appreciated. The importance of constructive cooperation between politics and business was emphasized in order to promote the region and its prosperity.

In 2019, the municipality of Reinsdorf was able to convince the company Meleghy Automotive to build its new plant at the Reinsdorf site. From the very beginning, intensive work was done together to implement the construction project. Thanks to the good cooperation between the municipality and the local authorities, Meleghy Automotive succeeded in building a complete production facility with a size of approx. 21,000 m² as well as associated office, social and training workshop buildings in record time within just one year.

The plant started production of large assemblies for electromobility as early as the beginning of 2021. The equipment required for this was developed and built in cooperation with the local company AKE.

Through its goal-oriented actions, the municipality of Reinsdorf makes a significant contribution to companies settling and thereby creating jobs in the region and promoting its attractiveness.

“Our cities and municipalities in the region must jointly do everything possible to ensure that research and development, settlement of medium-sized manufacturing commercial and industrial enterprises, etc. are carried out” explained mayor of the municipality Reinsdorf, Steffen Ludwig.

The municipality of Reinsdorf continues to work on increasing the attractiveness of the region and makes necessary investments in the infrastructure of the municipality for this purpose. Meleghy Automotive offers attractive jobs for this purpose.

The plant already had 40 employees at the start of production in 2021. As of October 2022, Meleghy Automotive now employs an average of 280 people at the Reinsdorf site. Within the workforce, 17 nationalities are represented. This diversity reflects the international mentality of Meleghy Automotive. The company benefits from the different cultures and makes great efforts to integrate these employees to ensure that the high-quality processes of the automotive industry are understood and lived.

Currently, the automotive industry is in very troubled waters. Due to the partly unstable supply chain (caused by pandemic, semiconductor crisis, Ukraine conflict, etc.) there are partly production fluctuations at the automotive manufacturers, which also directly affect Meleghy Automotive. In order to cope with the fluctuating demand, it has proven to be a successful model to cover these capacity peaks with temporary workers. Meleghy Automotive has contractual agreements with temporary employment agencies for this purpose. For years, Meleghy Automotive has had good experience with the contract partners of the temporary employment agencies and their employees. These employees can gain qualifications through their work and be taken on as permanent employees. In 2022, Meleghy Automotive took on 30 permanent employees at the Reinsdorf site via this strategy.

The company is currently working on further large orders, which means that more employees and production space are needed. Meleghy Automotive continues to rely on constructive cooperation with the municipality of Reinsdorf to strengthen the region.