In the Meleghy Automotive Group a unified vision and an understanding of corporate culture are a particular importance. Corporate culture can not simply to impose one. You have to understand to make it their own.

The continuously growing group of companies already has a model with eleven guiding principles. The mission of the workshop in the Erzgebige was to explain the executives of the new corporate daughter and make themselves understood.

At the beginning the participants were shown the original development of the model with its eleven interlocking guiding principles of the company management in order to discuss these controversial and learn to understand the next day in work sessions in six working groups.

In order to create an appropriate atmosphere for the discussion and see also change from a different angle Jens Weißflog gave a keynote speech about the readiness for new and necessary changes for success.

Jens Weißflog is one of the most successful winter athletes of all time and can look back with three Olympic gold medals, a silver medal, three world championships, five Vice World Championships and five third places as well as 33 World Cup victories and four-time winning the Four Hills Tournament for a truly unparalleled career and track record.

Impressively he described the milestones of his career. He reported on his experiences, especially as from absolute heights had become virtually overnight lows. Only the willingness to change the innovation of the new and of achievement have resulted in his career again and again to peak performance. The example of the transition from parallel flight on the V – flight he explained to interested listeners that it was not done alone with the new ski position but that the more essential part of the success in the conversion of his was even founded. Only the perfect interaction of his body over his sensation in connection with the physical improvements of the new jump form could lead to the top of him again.

The contribution of Mr. Weißflog was a perfect introduction to the working sessions of the six groups the next day. Each team discussed three principles and launched his understanding. After the session the outcome was presented and compared to the other groups and was discussed again. Interestingly, there were many similarities in the group results including potential for improvement could be identified.

At the end of the workshop all participants had the opinion that it was a very positive event which has locations across very encouraged togetherness and getting to know.

It is now considered that the Guidelines continue to be transported in the company in Bernsbach and Lößnitz. This will be done with other small workshops which are decentralized. The principles of the executives are explained and discussed with the colleagues then at 6/14/2014 under a family party at our location Bernsbach / Lößnitz.

At this point once again express our thanks to Mr. Jens Weißflog and Ms. Silke Schrupp-Nefen, superbly moderated the workshop with her team and to all participating colleagues for their active and constructive participation.