On Monday the 5th of August in 2013 the Meleghy & Cie. Automotive announced the takeover of the Blechformwerke Bernsbach. Bernsbach and Lößnitz will be run as an independent company, as a sister plants additional to the existing plants of Meleghy Automotive in Wilnsdorf and Gera.

The managing partners Michael Scharff, Dr. Thomas Werle and Dr. Gyula Meleghy are convinced that the growing group of companies has great potential. The large customers have positively supported the sales process.
“This is a major milestone in the development of both companies. The newly arising Group offers our customers a wide range of possibilities”, Michael Scharff said in an initial statement.

“Technically the two companies complement each other perfectly. What Bernsbach is able to do with its large press line, we can not, and what Meleghy Automotive is able to do with its ultra-modern press systems, the Bernsbacher can not”, expressed Dr. Thomas Werle in a simplified form, the synergies between the two companies. “In future we offer our customers the possibility the processing of composite materials. Therewith we extend our technological offer”, Dr. Thomas Werle further.

The new consortium will generate revenue of approximately EUR 130 million and thus counts among the important customers of the group of companies to one of the larger suppliers.

For details on the acquisition of Blechformwerke Bernsbach check out the official press release.