Well-trained young professionals are the basis for a successful future. Meleghy International lays considerable emphasis on the apprenticeship and further education of young talents. With the apprenticeship program “Future With Us”, Meleghy International relies on a sustainable, long-term strategy for the future.

Weather if you want to decide for a study or an apprenticeship, we would like you to know that we are the right partner for your future.

We qualify young talents in different technical and commercial apprenticeship professions, but also offer dual studies at our subsidiaries in Bernsbach, Lößnitz, Gera and Wilnsdorf for our own needs.

After a successfully completion of your apprenticeship, you will have access to further trainings and growth opportunities. But most important: You can shape your future together with Meleghy International on your side.

You are still undecided and do not know what is the right choice for you? Here you can get more details on our programs “Apprenticeship with us” and “Study with us”, as also further information about internship opportunities.

Meleghy International Ausbildung mit uns

Apprenticeship with us

You want to start an apprenticeship? At our house you’ll find a big choice of different apprenticeship professions. We explain you our individual apprenticeships on the following page….

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Meleghy International Studium mit uns

Study with us

Would you like to study, gain practical experience and earn money at the same time? A dual study makes it possible. Find out more about our study programs…

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Meleghy International Praktikum

Internship with us

With an internship at Meleghy International you have the benefits of collecting informal practical experience at our company already during your school or study time. More information here…


Do you have any further questions? Do you need more information? May we have the pleasure to become familiar with you?

If you have any questions about our offers or you would like to do an internship on one of the apprenticeship professions, our human resources contact persons will provide you with the desired information.

Get in touch with us! Apply now for a “future with us”.

Meleghy International offers the right contact person for all kinds of different needs. For open questions regarding your application, please speak to the contact partner of your location.

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