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Our Apprenticeship Offer

Industrial Mechanic (m/f)

Industrial Mechanic (m/f)

  • How components and assemblies are installed on the basis of technical documents.
  • How to use floor plans, circuit diagrams, flow charts and function plans.
  • How hydraulic switches are built up, plugged and audited based on circuit diagrams.
  • How to install and check electrical components.
  • What to pay attention to during the transport, the construction, the connection and the fuse of plant constructions.
  • Tasks like inspecting and maintaining machines and plant constructions of the metal processing industries on your own.
  • Correcting faults and errors independently.
  • 3,5 years (regular)
Tool Mechanic (m/f)

Tool Mechanic (m/f)

  • The production of parts and assemblies and how to put them together for e.g. punch tools, bending devices or surgeon instruments.
  • The setup of machine tools and how to operate them, the creation and improvement of machine programs.
  • Testing finished tools and forms, producing acceptance pieces, and eventually the implementation of changes and finishing works.
  • Possibly the installation of tools at the customer, putting them into operation and introducing operating personnel.
  • The maintenance of tools and forms, reparation or rework if required.
  • Tasks like the repair work, maintenance and optimization of the tools on your own.
  • 3,5 years (regular)
Electrician for Operation Technology (m/f)

Electrician for Operation Technology (m/f)

  • Evaluating existing facilities of the operation technology, the design of technical modifications to the plant and their extensions, determining electrical circuits, selection of components and electrical lines.
  • The assembling and set up of slide-in-modules, cases and switch-gear combinations, installing, wiring and marking them.
  • Adjusting the assemblies of the measure-, control- and regulation technology, both for hardware and software, customizing and putting them into operation.
  • The inspection of systems, verifying the features of plant constructions and safety devices as also taking protocol of them.
  • Gathering the data of energy- and operating materials, cause analysis of deviations to the target value.
  • Tasks like monitoring and maintaining our plant constructions, as also analyzing technical faults and the maintenance of the machines on your own.
  • The installation, modification and maintenance of electrical installations for buildings on your own.
  • 3,5 years (regular)
Machine- and Equipment Operator (m/f)

Machine- and Equipment Operator (m/f)

  • How tools, machines and plant constructions can be controlled and maintained.
  • How production machines and constructions can be retooled, how to adjust process data and optimize them as also fixing technical issues.
  • What to consider when steering the material flow.
  • How to maintain machines and plant constructions and exchange wear parts.
  • How to select tools by taking into account the procedures, the materials and the cutting edge geometry as also determining technological data and adjust them.
  • Tasks like monitoring the production process, identifying and fixing technical issues.
  • The configuration and steering of production machines for manufacturing high quality products for our customers.
  • 2 years (regular)
Production Mechanic (m/f)

Production Mechanic (m/f)

  • How to lay electrical lines, components and assemblies on the basis of lay, assembly and connection plans.
  • How to identify errors during the assembly and dismantling process, identify causes as well as fixing and documenting them.
  • How to monitor regulation and steering components.
  • How to adjust functions of components and assemblies.
  • How to maintain machines and technical systems.
  • Mounting and connecting electric lines.
  • Ensuring that the fully assembled products work properly and fulfil the operational quality guidelines.
  • Taking over maintenance and repair works on your own.
  • 3 years (regular)
Construction Mechanic (m/f)

Construction Mechanic (m/f)

  • Evaluation of tool characteristics and their structural changes as also selecting materials regarding to their intended use and managing them.
  • Ensuring the operational readiness of tool machines and producing work pieces and component parts.
  • Inspecting, maintaining and documenting the performance of the operational material.
  • Evaluating control technology documents and applying control technology.
  • Providing order-specific requirements and information, verifying and implementing them.
  • Planning of work flows and subtasks with consideration of economic and schedulewise, setting priorities when planning deviations occur.
  • Provide component drawings and general arrangement drawings and be able to use them.
  • Reshape and separate sheets, pipes and profiles by hand, machine and thermal processes.
  • Select processing machines regarding to the production process, setup and do test runs.
  • Prepare joining parts regarding to the joining processes.
  • 3,5 years (regular)
IT Specialist (m/f)

IT Specialist (m/f)

  • How to distinguish operating systems and their application areas as also what to pay attention for when adjusting and configuring them.
  • What to keep in mind when testing systems.
  • How to make us of programming logic- and methods.
  • What to keep in mind when designing data models.
  • How networking architectures can be distinguished from each other.
  • How to install both hardware and software components into existing systems and put them into operation.
  • What to observe when setting up user interfaces and user dialogues
  • Plan and configure IT-systems.
  • Setup these systems in our company, operate and administrate them.
  • When problems occur, you will be able to do a fault localization by using expert and diagnostic systems and fix them.
  • Compile system documentations and organize user trainings.
  • 3 years (regular)
Industrial Clerk (m/f)

Industriekaufmann (m/w)

  • Buying, storing and finally providing goods to the production on schedule.
  • How to plan, steer and monitor production processes.
  • Draw up duty- and organizational plans for the human resources management, determining staff deployment and staff needs.
  • Doing sales negotiations with clients, planning and executing marketing and advertising measures.
  • How to handle financial and administrative accounting.
  • Among other things negotiating with suppliers and customers, supervising the goods arrival- and storage department.
  • Planning within the production management, steering and monitoring the production processes.
  • Editing, booking and checking the processes arising in the accountancy, finance sectors.
  • To work out the personnel requirement for the human resources management and contribute to the staff recruitment- and selection.
  • 3 years (regular)

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  • The last two school certificates

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Statements from our apprenticeship

Meleghy International successfully qualifies the young professionals of tomorrow. We have asked some of our apprentices, what they appreciate about doing an apprenticeship in our company group. Here are their statements:

I am really enjoying my apprenticeship at Meleghy International. You learn new things on a daily basis and if you have any open questions, you will get a good answer immediately. We all have a close relationship to all our colleagues according to our guiding principle “We are family”. I look forward to the future success at Meleghy International.

Julian S., apprentice as a tool mechanic in the third year of his apprenticeship

My apprenticeship at Meleghy International is a great pleasure for me. The activities in my apprenticeship profession as an electrician are versatile, full of variety and the best effect is that I have been able to learn so many new things. Our apprenticeship manager always takes his time for us and has an open ear to listen to our problems and wishes. The working atmosphere is very good; I get respect and support from my colleagues. I enjoy my further apprenticeship more and more at Meleghy International and I am excited in a positive way of accepting new challenges.

Julian K, apprentice as an electrician for industrial engineering in the third year of his apprenticeship
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