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Our Dual Study Offers

You have successfully completed your Abitur or the advanced technical college certificate and you are searching for a study place? Maybe a theoretical study is not enough for you. Then a corporate study at Meleghy International is just the right choice for you. We offer the following courses:

Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) Course: Industrial Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) Course: Industrial Engineering, Fachrichtung: Mechanical Engineering (m/f)

Industrial engineers with the focus on mechanical engineering build a bridge between the technical world of mechanical engineering and the business management. They know and understand the thinking and methods of the business management as well as those of the engineers. For this exciting task, you are trained interdisciplinary both as a mechanical engineer and as a business economist. This gives you access to a wide occupational field with excellent career perspectives.

Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) Course: Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) Course: Engineering, Fachrichtung: industrial Production (m/f)

The program aims to the practical training of qualified employees from the production area. In the limelight, there are the foundations of technical engineering, the operational organization and the production (planning, production planning, realization of the quality management and handling complaints).

The students will combine their theoretical and practical knowledge in several practical pieces of work. Attention is focused on specialist knowledge and giving presentations, independent professional work on a project as well as independent handling of suitable specialized tasks regarding to the future field of activity. This all prepares well for the practical use after completing the study.

Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) Courses: Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) Courses: Engineering, Fachrichtung: Forming Processes (m/f)

The mechanical engineering is one of the most important branches of the German economy. The development of the specialization on forming processes is based on one intensive vocational field analysis while maintaing the proven study concept with the associated curricula. This engineering discipline also lays the focus on technical applications in natural sciences like mathematics, physics and chemistry. Besides the computer-aided construction of machines, also effective production techniques and materials play a stronger role.

These Are Your Benefits:

  • You receive a solid academic education on a university, technical college or university for cooperative education.

  • You regularly complete practical assignments at our company and assume the first responsibilities of the projects and daily operations.

  • You receive an intensive mentoring from experienced specialists.

  • You receive a consistent financial support, which allows you to fully concentrate on your studies.

  • In addition to your studies, you can participate in seminars and further trainings at our company.

  • You have the best perspective to enter Meleghy International immediately following graduation.

You Should Have These Abilities:

You have successfully completed either general or subject related qualification for university entrance or the advanced technical college certificate with good marks in natural sciences and/or mathematics as well as in German and English. Furthermore, you convince us because you…

  • are enthusiastic.
  • have fun learning.
  • work independently and with accuracy.
  • like solving problems in team.
  • have a confident and friendly appearance.
  • can question what seems to be obvious to you.

If we have aroused your interest and you would like to find out more about us, apply for one of the free study places.

Your Application Documents:

  • Cover letter

  • Curriculum vitae

  • Application photo

  • The last two school certificates

  • Where applicable internship certificates

Everything ready? Then apply for one of the open training positions.

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Statements of Our Dual Students

Meleghy International successfully qualifies the generations of tomorrow. We have asked our dual students to say what they appreciate about doing an apprenticeship in our company group.

The dual study program combines both theory and practive. Through varied projects at Meleghy International I can increase and expand the theoretical knowledge that I have acquired at the university. The procjets are executed in a pleasant work atmosphere and by friendly and qualified colleagues. On this occasion, you have also the opportunity to take a closer look at several departments and to deal with respective challenges. You obtain a good insight in company affairs and you are encouraged and supported during your project work. These are perfect circumstances to prepare you for the world of work.

Burhan E., - Dual Student, industrial engineering, specialization mechanical engineering

Do you have any further questions? Do you need more information? May we get to know you?

Meleghy International offers the right contact person for all kinds of different needs. For open questions regarding your application, please speak to the contact partner of your location.

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