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Weather as a pupil, apprentice, student, as an experienced specialist or manager – At Meleghy International, you are involved into practice straight from the beginning and you can move a great deal – if you want to. Since every project is unique and needs your competences, strengths and ideas that lead to high quality products and services.

Take a look into the inner world of Meleghy International, where you will find a diverse, intelligent and skillful group of humans, who do their best to lead our company to great success.

Meleghy International is a German, family-run and owner managed company group consisting of subsidiaries both nationally and internationally and joint ventures. Our workforce currently stands at 1100 colleagues throughout Europe in our “family”, which is known for giving optimal advice to our customers and takes care of a high quality of all our services.

We consider ourselves as a full-service-automotive-supplier. We cover all processes ranging from the entire development to finished part or to the finished assembly. This is because of the big challenge to get the best from our team, from our services and from our products. All divisions put great passion into achieving this goal.

To ensure our success in this highly competitive market, we need employees who are motivated, operational and well trained.

We look for

Whom do we seek? People who exactly know what they are doing in their job. But also newcomers, who are willing to quickly improve their qualifications. You should be flexible enough to adapt new situations. Agile projects and dealing with change should be self-evident for you. Your understanding of the term career should not go along with a strict hierarchy, but especially about project responsibility, team work and the extension of your incoming tasks.

Steffen Wandel
Steffen WandelHead of HR Group
Phone: +49 (0) 3774 71 300
Email: wandel.s@meleghyautomotive.de

Extract from the Guiding Principles

“We are family!” – Down-to-earthness, active leadership, competence, fairness and cooperation characterize the management style in the company.

„Every employee is important and deserves respect and appreciation. Motivated and qualified employees are the basis of our common success!“

“Meleghy insight” – A Look into Our Team

Behind Meleghy International there is a team, which ensures our constant development with personal initiative, flexibility and great enthusiasm.

Do you want to achieve something? Then get part of our team. Be part of our collective success and apply. We are looking forward to your participation!

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….why you should become a part of our team.

Meleghy International, this is the collective design of the company’s success, flat hierarchies, flexible team structures and the use of your skills, exactly there, where they can add value and so much more.

…This and many more things are forming us as an attractive employer. We are continuously working on how to become a better employer. Through our idea management system you can put your ideas into practice. That is desired and helps our company group to grow.

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Staff Development

Meleghy International is a medium-sized, family-run, owner managed and internationally positioned group of companies with and wide-ranging Know-How in the area of the automobile industry.

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Our passion is the sheet metal forming and everything associated with it. Do you feel as inspired about this world as we do? Then apply! You’ll find our open vacancies here.

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You have any further questions? You cannot find an appropriate vacancy but would like to apply? … Then you should contact us.

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