The Meleghy Automotive Barcelona is automotive supplier of the new compact platform MQB for SEAT Ibiza. The Catalan TV station TV3 reported about the market launch of the new SEAT Ibiza. The new car is very important for the Spanish automotive industry. 60% of the pieces of the model are supplied by the Spanish automotive vendor industry and the major part of them comes from Catalonia. According to TV3, during the new model was presented, the president of SEAT explained the impact of its production in Spain. It is estimated that every direct workplace generates seven further workplaces, so that as a result approximately 100,000 people have been employed directly or indirectly.

Meleghy Automotive Barcelona belongs to the employers and is thereby an important actor within the Catalan industry.

Besides other suppliers, the report has highlighted Meleghy International sites in Abrera as an example of the performance power of the Catalan automotive supplier industry. These sites give their successful contribution to the project SEAT Ibiza and the economic upswing of Spain. We, Meleghy Automotive Barcelona and its employees are proud to have the privilege of giving our contribution to this important vehicle.

The compact platform MQB – modular transverse matrix in SEAT

A platform with the size A0 (approx. 84 x 119 cm) acts as a new modular transverse matrix for the VW group. The Spanish subsidiary SEAT is the first one using the A0 platform. This gives Ibiza (the same length of 4.06 m as before) a wider wheel distance and more legroom, as also more space inside the cabin in general. The production of further vehicles based on MQB in Spain is planned to be pooled. Further models of the group will base on the same system in the upcoming years.