For many years the so called „Pausaer-Trabi-race“ is held in the Saxon Vogtland. The populated city with almost 4000 inhabitants „Pausa“ is only about 70 miles from Zwickau, the birthplace of all Trabbis.

This year the spectacular race happened on the 8th of June for the 9th Time. 85 teams were driving for the victory. Also the company Meleghy Automotive participated in this exciting event and supported the team of their employee Jörg Heilmann, which geared up with a lot of commitment as “Zschippach Racing Team” to start. The starting shot of the eight-hour race fell by 10 clock. The Zschippacher Racing team took part in the competition with three riders and a vehicular. Who travels the most laps of the winding circuit in 8 hours wins. The Trabant may not be technically engine tuned or changed to improve performance. Only allowed are the adjustment of the chassis, the axle parts and reinforcement of the interior for protecting the driver. The Trabants are required to the limit and not every car does finish the race. The event is great fun, which calls for a repeat in the following years.