In mid-March, some of our Spanish Meleghyans visited BASF’s fungicide packaging plant in Tarragona. The main objective of the visit was to experience first-hand the digitalization of internal logistics processes. This is because a digital Kanban tool is already being used in practice here and is currently being tested in one of our production lines.


The tool also has great potential in the automotive supply industry to facilitate logistical material movements within processes and enable their digitalization. At the same time, it is very intuitive in visualizing and managing the processes.


During the visit, not only could everything be seen in action, but BASF technicians also explained in detail the conversion from PUSH to analog PULL material flow systems and the transition to their digital equivalents.


Meleghy Automotive can only thank the BASF technicians and managers for this exchange and willingness to provide insight into the processes. It is simply inspiring to see how sharing with each other can lead to a better common future for all. A special thanks goes to IThink UPC, who made this meeting possible through their mediation.