At the family day in 2014 of the company Meleghy Automotive Bernsbach GmbH, the remaining articles of the former “Blechformwerke Bernsbach” were acquired by our employees. Many colleagues took the opportunity to receive a souvenir and make a contribution to a good cause.

The revenue of 630, – € was jacked up and doubled by the management, so that donations were available in a total of 1500, – €. As a family-oriented company, we focused our attention on our up-and-coming generation, and two children’s facilities in the area were able to look forward to donations of € 750 each. Symbolically, a check for the transfer was prepared.

Our management Mr. Robert Rudolph and our production manager Mr. Groß were pleased to be able to personally hand over the donation to the children’s paradise “Kinderparadies” in Lauter-Bernsbach on 21.11.2014.

The children of the Kindervilla “Pusteblume” in Lößnitz were also able to receive the appropriate donation check from the hands of our managing director, Mr. Rudolph, and our chairman of the works council, Mr. Steffen Schubert. The design impressed especially by your proximity to nature, where physical and mental health is the main focus and is sustained.

Radiant children’s eyes were seen as thanks to our employees and the management.

We would like to wish both institutions a lot of success in the fulfillment of the diverse social, child-sponsoring, educational and educational tasks.

We are delighted to have made a valuable contribution to the promotion of children in our region through these donations.