We are pleased to report on the commitment of our dedicated employees from all areas of our “Meleghy International” group of companies. Its subsidiary PDahlke Engineering GmbH (PDE) demonstrated commitment in these times of crisis. Last week, Georg Hahn drove to the Ukrainian border with four PDE-sponsored minibuses and a few colleagues to help refugees and bring them to safety in Germany. In several tours, the team transported refugees to Germany and, in addition, set up a shuttle in Poland at short notice between the continuously growing border camp and Polish towns in the surrounding area to bring the refugee families to hotels, shelters, train stations and warmth. More than 180 Ukrainian people in need were helped by this spontaneous action.


“A great gesture of humanity and solidarity that deserves great respect and thanks. Our group of companies stands for respectful cooperation under the motto “We are Family”. …so it was also natural for us as PDE to bear the costs of this initiative 💪👍”, says Dr. Peter Dahlke.