– dual re-education and qualification program for qualified specialists

Gera is not known as a typical metal processing location. In addition, the economy speaks of the shortage of specialists in Germany. But all signs point towards growth for the automotive supplier Meleghy Automotive in Gera. “In the near future we will have about 35 percent more area. Therefore we must find qualified employees, “says Christian Balanze, HR manager of the company group.

The “future with us” training program of the automotive supplier covers only apprenticeship and dual studies. Meleghy Automotive enters new territory with the qualification and retraining project in cooperation with the job center (Agentur für Arbeit). “So far, we only know trainee apprenticeships. But the results of the retraining project are very appealing to us. That is why we decided to be open to this form of further education in the future,” said Balanze. Particularly in the important professional fields of the automotive industry, such as toolmakers, industrial mechanics, machine and system operators or in the field of logistics, there is a great need for qualified specialists.

The first successful pilot project was completed the past few days. With more than 40, Jens Rüdiger again attended school with his teenaged colleagues.

“At some point I wanted to have regular working hours and educate myself further. The Meleghy Automotive company was the first company to respond to my request. “- Jens Rüdiger

His practical experience and his will for further education are paid off with his graduation. He can look forward to a safe job in the automotive supplier company at Gera.

“We were very satisfied with his practical work and his ability to be part of a team,” says Balanze. “This not only showed us the potential of this project, but also offered Mr. Rüdiger a new perspective. A win-win situation for a future with us“.


We reported about this in the OTZ – Ausgabe Gera, 1.2.2017, S. 15/Lokales: Herausforderung für beide Seiten – Meleghy Automotive engagiert sich mit Hilfe der Arbeitsagentur für Umschulung und Qualifizierung (Only in German)

Download: OTZ Artikel als PDF (Only in German)