With just one day of commitment a lot can be moved!

For a social purpose students of grades 6 and 9 worked on the sites Bernsbach and Lößnitz of Meleghy Automotive.

For a period of five hours the girls and boys worked on a variety of activities to earn their wages. They support development cooperation projects or initiate their own social projects in their schools or school settings with the earned money.

In addition to the social idea, the Day of Action “Genial Social” could be used by the pupils as a trial day in an automotive supply company. There was the possibility to choose between office activities in areas such as shipping, maintenance or IT, but also branch-specific work was available. Thus, some students helped out in quality management or in the warehouse. In addition to the simple activities, the boys and girls were able to look over their shoulders and get an insight into daily work.

A complete success for both sides. The two girls and five boys could be proud of their performance at the end of the day and the company was very pleased with the enthusiasm and dedication of the young people.

Future with us!

As part of the “future with us” training program, this was an opportunity for us to offer the specialists of tomorrow an early insight into a special sector, the automotive industry, which is very important for Germany. We would be delighted if we were able to welcome one or the other at an internship, an apprenticeship or as part of a dual study program.

“Genial Social” – Your work against poverty and for your future.