The GreenBelt Training as a result of our MPS studies last year started as an intensive training program within the internal Meleghy Training Program. Training and further education are as much a part of Meleghy Automotive as the welding robot is to the joining system. The goal is always to further qualify our employees in order to optimize processes through the acquired knowledge, to design projects efficiently across all departments and to recognize and solve problems. In particular, our future GreenBelt’s will support their colleagues in the future with their methodological knowledge in projects and problems due to the high level of expertise. Colleagues from all departments and plants come together for the training, creating a further synergy effect of global cooperation.

With the GreenBelt training, a very comprehensive training in Lean Six Sigma has been launched, in which our colleagues learn to solve any problem in any type of company by carrying out process improvement projects with great impact. These can be problems related to lead time or defects. The training is a mix of theoretical methodology training, practical group and individual exercises during the training weeks, as well as a specific project from the company for each participant to apply the learned knowledge in practice right away for improvement for the benefit of all of us.

Lean Six Sigma has a variety of tools and methods to solve problems systematically and effectively, because there is no greater waste than trying to solve a problem with the wrong method.


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