In the meantime, it was up to our employees to get up early. Together with the VSZ traffic safety center Olpe, we conducted an intensive driving safety training with cars for our colleagues.
Our employees were prepared by qualified trainers for the upcoming dark season with the expected winter weather conditions.

At the beginning, the coaches asked about the level of expectations of the training and got a good training approach. After a theoretical introduction to selected topics, we went into practice. In essence, braking and cornering was trained under various simulated road conditions, and the necessary active behavior was improved.

Water braking and Water braking with fountains.
Not the normal case is trained, but critical driving situations in the extreme case. By means of modern technology, these situations can be simulated on the system and experienced with own service vehicles.

Through the real experience of the unexpected, the awareness and the respect for dangerous and dangerous driving situations grew, which can be adjusted quickly with the routine driving. The expectation horizon at the beginning of the training was fully fulfilled. Especially the small corrections for sitting, steering and seeing are important aids and improvements to get safely to the goal.

The response to the training content was consistently positive. All participants showed a whole new awareness of the ever-lingering dangers in road traffic. A pure experience with a high learning effect!

In general, we recommend that everyone should conduct such a driving safety training – whether private or in the workplace.

We are now driving more consciously and thus also safer.