On the 10th of September Franz Mockenhaupt CEO of IHK Siegen visited our company. In a very pleasant and constructive conversation Mr. Mockenhaupt and the management informed each other about the current perception of the development of the automotive industry and the related situation of suppliers.

The very positive development of the Group Meleghy Automotive on the one hand and the very positive prospects for the future in form of exciting new contracts on the other hand, enjoyed the chief executive. One of the largest chambers of commerce and industry in Germany.

The increasing scarcity and the already declining availability of well-trained professionals have been seen from both sides with concern. While in the region a high level of know-how is concentrated and Meleghy Automotive currently manages recruiting qualified staff there is a lack of young talents. That´s why Mr. Mockenhaupt was very impressed about the decision to train young people at Wilnsdorf and the offerings of dual studies. He presented Meleghy Automotive more opportunities for young talents. Especially in cooperation with the IHK Siegen and the programs, which are running at the vocational training center, he sees opportunities to expand the already successfully launched cooperation between Meleghy Automotive and the German steel works around a facet. He also reported on the development at the University of Siegen in the subject of automotive engineering and especially about lightweight construction in conjunction with the specially newly created Institute. A common short tour of the factory in which the changes and challenges were identified in the work, the meeting was rounded off. Further meetings were announced.