Stanislaw Tillich, Prime Minister of the Free State of Saxony, visited Meleghy Automotive Bernsbach GmbH on the 7th May in 2014, which has emerged from the former sheet metal works Bernsbach since the 1st October 2013. The Prime Minister was sincerely welcomed by the management. Dr. Meleghy briefly introduced the company and explained the current situation. “The company, which was in insolvency in 2013, is now part of our family-owned Meleghy Automotive group. With the Group, we now generate an annual turnover of around 130 million euros, of which approximately 58 million come from Lauter-Bernsbach and Lößnitz. Right from the start, as the new owners, we were convinced of the company’s performance with its two locations. We are striving for a long-term commitment in the Erzgebirge, “said Dr. Meleghy.

After the welcome, the company’s versatile performance in the form of a workshop was presented to the Prime Minister, led by Dr. Werle. “At the takeover, we found a motivated and well-trained workforce that had not been impressed by the incriminating situation of insolvency and always looked ahead,” Dr. Werle explained from the outset: “Our workforce is dominated by a complex product spectrum, from the simple press part, through complex welding assemblies to hybrid steel / plastic assemblies, and it is only through the performance of our employees that it can be explained that the transition to a sustainably positive development of the economic situation can already be foreseen after a good six months In the medium term, in particular through the implementation of the measures taken.”

A special highlight of the tour was then the symbolic act of breaking the repair shop from the past. Together with the executives of the plant and the management, Minister President Tillich thus pushed the start button for a further successful future.

Plant manager J. Gross then explained the most important optimization measures in the area of the press shop and the adjacent service departments.

Subsequently, the head of logistics and production planning, A. Lang, discussed the changes in the area of joining and the upcoming changes in the organization of the flow of goods.
The last highlight of the tour was the presentation of plastic production at the site. In a record time of only 4 months, the entire production was moved from Chemnitz to Bernsbach and is continued there in the newly designed production hall. Prime Minister Tillich was visibly impressed by the complexity and diversity of the products and the shortcomings of the times.

M. Scharff replied with a subsequent address to the management. “The positive development,” says Scharff, “is not only the employment of the employees, but also the short-term new orders in the so-called relocation business with the main customers Daimler, BMW and VW, which were immediately transferred to ongoing production We have also succeeded in winning long-term press and welding jobs with good value in tough competition with terms of up to 7 years. ”
“This market success has given us the necessary basic utilization for the company’s realignment,” Scharff continued. “The two factories are currently being redesigned to meet the increased requirements. The Lauter-Bernsbach plant will concentrate more on the long-term serial business, the production of pressed parts and weld assemblies made of steel and aluminum including the production of components made of glass-fiber reinforced plastics. The Lötnitz plant will have the role of a Classic Center, which will be geared towards smaller batches and short-term relocation operations, both of which form a strategic role under the heading of the company group – which can not be produced at Wilnsdorf and Gera , We can be in Bernsbach and Lößnitz and vice versa – the company group thus has a wide range of production facilities at 4 locations with very good logistical connections to all automotive customers. ”

“In order to continue to be strong in the future, the Meleghy Automotive Group is investing both in its employees in the form of individual training as well as in the modern technology for long-term orders with a high production depth in the seven-digit EURO range.The new required welding systems and elaborate equipment such as body tools And devices are bought at the Saxon suppliers. Another focus of the reorientation of the company is the already mentioned dissolution of a repair shop, due to a long-term neglect of important maintenance measures in the machine park. ”

At present, 330 employees are employed and a further 20 employees are employed for a limited period. The compensation of the impact “pension with 63” is another task of the near future. The company is already looking for appropriate experts to compensate for the short-term disposals. In the long term, the company is facing this challenge by training specialists and has already doubled the number of trainees from 10 to 20 in the well-run training center.

Finally, Prime Minister Tillich interfered with the staff and held talks with his colleagues. It was a pleasure for him to entertain with the motivated and optimistic working staff and also to shoot one or the other photo.

Unanimous tenor of all:
“An uncomplicated and sympathetic person, one of us!”

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