At the beginning of July, Meleghy & Cie. Automotive GmbH and two other partners the “joint venture” Innomotive Safety Sytems GmbH & Co. KG (short: Innosafes) was founded. The shareholders of this joint venture are, in addition to Meleghy & Cie. Automotive GmbH, Klaus Bellingroth and Dr. Hans-Bernd Hellweg, who is also managing director of the young company. Dr. Thomas Werle is the other Managing Director of Innosafes.

The new company, headquartered in the “founding technology center” in Gummersbach, is the development and production of safety systems for vehicles, in particular of roll-over protection systems for carbrios. In this case, the Innosafes can access a new product idea for roll-over protection systems, which has considerable competitive advantages compared to existing systems.

The Innosafes currently has 7 employees with many years of experience in the development of roll-over protection systems and raw subassemblies. In addition to the product development, the Innosafes has very specific expertise and experience for the simulation of the vehicle body construction, in particular also for the calculations of the crash loads of the entire vehicle. Due to the increasing customer requirements, we are expecting an expansion of our product range, including backplane modules and assemblies for integration into the vehicle body.

The immediate proximity to Dr. Peter Dahlke Engineering GmbH (also located in the GTC) allows very short distances between product development and process development and ensures the early integration of production.

We are also planning to use the technology for fiber-reinforced plastics in Bernsbach, also in the development of new roll-over protection systems. First conversations on the use of long- and short-fiber-reinforced plastics are running. In particular, the high demands placed on system integration and lightweight construction in the case of convertibles, combined with the smaller number of units, offer the ideal conditions for further growth for our plastic technology.