The Innosafes, in which Meleghy International is part of as a joint venture, moves to the industrial area of Bomig in Wiehl. To date, the young company has been based in Gummersbach-Windhagen, but is already touching its growth limits due to the local conditions. The expansion of the Bomiger industrial area of the city of Wiehl is an ideal prerequisite for this. Here, south of the Rudolf-Diesel-Straße and in the direct view of the motorway approach road (L305), the new headquarters of the company is being built. The construction work is already in full swing.

The Innosafes was founded in 2014 as a joint venture with Meleghy Automotive and is engaged in the development and production of safety systems for the automotive industry, in particular of roll-over protection systems. These are installed in modular carriers in a space-saving manner and, like an airbag, only emerge, like flashes, in an emergency. Customers already include car companies such as BMW, Bentley, Porsche and Daimler-Benz.

Managing Director Dr. Hans-Bernd Hellweg is enthusiastic: “The property is ideal for us. It is in close proximity to the motorway, but it is also close to the Technical University.” Being a part of the group Meleghy International, its approximately 16 employees regularly head to the headquarters in Wilnsdorf near Siegen. The prototypes are produced here in the Meleghy Automotive plants. “From Windhagen we need a quarter of an hour to the motorway. Back and forth this is already half an hour. This time can be saved by my employees, as many also are from the Wiehl area,”continued Dr. Hellweg. Moreover he promises the company more “space for growth”. In addition to the new premises, staff will soon be increased from 16 to 50 employees. “The new employees will continue to be involved in the development and testing of prototypes, but surely hence is the need for more space.”

At the end of the year, the developments based on our own patents are to be transferred to serial production. The new location and the spaciousness are therefore called for.