Faculty (08) for vehicle systems and production at the Institute for Production.

Inspired by the International Board of Advisors (IBOA) of the faculty 08 of Cologne University of Applied Sciences, 13 students were sitting in a cozy atmosphere with “fireplace” and Fingerfood together with Dr. Gyula Meleghy from Meleghy Automotive GmbH & Co. KG. It was about career chances of young engineers in the automotive and its supplier industry. The questions ranged from the acceptance of Bachelor’s studies in industry to potential career paths and the future of the German automotive supplier industry in a global context.

It was a very exciting evening in which many valuable experiences and perspectives from the professional life were conveyed to the students. The great interest of the participants in the detailed answers and the very positive response to this evening have shown that the contact of the students with executives from the industry is important because of the pioneering information.

“I was very impressed by the students’ intensive and knowledgeable questions,” said Dr. Meleghy. “I spontaneously offered the institute an excursion to Meleghy Automotive GmbH & Co. KG,” Meleghy continued.

The chair has now the possibility of organizing an excursion to the enterprise location Wilnsdorf in the Siegerland. In addition to the interesting conversation, the students have the opportunity to experience a production environment geared towards the forming and joining technology.

In addition Dr. Meleghy also envisaged the possibility of internships and graduation work within the company.

It remains to be seen that this concept is a very good opportunity for the students to improve their practice during their studies and to establish contacts with possible future employers.