The newest member of the new leadership team at Meleghy Automotive is not an in-house talent, but an external newcomer. This week, we introduce you to the “Logistics and Digitalization” department.

Andre Blech (41) will be responsible for the “Logistics and Digitalization” department in the future. We are pleased to introduce you to Andre Blech, our new “Group Logistics and Digital Director”. Blech previously worked for Etihad Airways as Director Global Cargo Operations. He will join Meleghy Automotive at the beginning of 2022. His experience in logistics and digitalization from a logistically complex company is an asset for us as an automotive supplier.

“The biggest challenge for me privately is getting used to the new/old home, after several years in the desert. The professional change allows me to gain new experience and at the same time to profitably apply what I have learned before in a different environment,” Blech looks forward to the challenges of the new position.

“We are looking forward to his expertise from his previous activities in cargo flight logistics. He is initially unfamiliar with the industry, but it is this breath of fresh air that we are looking forward to, as his experience in logistics and digitalization can only be beneficial to us,” Dr. Gyula Meleghy (CEO) tells us.

The successor leadership structure at Meleghy Automotive is taking shape. As previously announced, the management of Meleghy Automotive has launched a transformation process for strategic succession management in recent months. A first step was the definition of a six-member leadership team that will be strategically prepared to lead the company in the coming years. The leadership team has been active since November 2021. This week, we introduced you to the newest member of the team.