Thuringia is benefiting from the trend towards electric cars. Meleghy Automotive plans to invest a double-digit million euro sum in the Gera site and employ 150 people. The reason for this is a large order with VW. The MDR Thuringia took an interview with us about this topic (only in German, English Text below):



Interview in writing:

Huge factory halls, high warehouses, metal sounds, Meleghy Automotive is located directly at the Gera motorway access. Most of the cars racing there have a piece of Meleghy Automotive in them. And with the new VW major order Meleghy Automotive literally provides the car basis, so explains plant manager Herbert Marx:  “If you lie under the car and look underneath, take the wheels off, then you see the side members, the floor assembly and our parts mainly go into the floor assembly. Side member, front right, left, side member rear. We at the Gera plant are proud to have received this major order from VW.”

Parts for 300,000 cars will be delivered from Gera to Zwickau over the next three years. Not possible for the 250 employees so far, therefore plant manager Herbert Marx is urgently looking for reinforcement. “Over the next two to three years we need 150 new employees here at the Gera site, we are especially looking for plant operators for large presses, plant operators for welding technology and, of course, because without them nothing would work, because you have to move the parts from A to B, forklift drivers in the logistics area are urgently needed,” says Herbert Marx. And they will deliver the highest quality in the future. It was not for nothing that Meleghy Automotive received this major order. “This is not the first order we have from VW. We also make white goods, i.e. washing machines, household appliances, ovens; here we are also very far ahead at the moment,” says Herbert Marx. And so many people have a piece of Meleghy Automotive Gera at home without knowing it, laughs plant manager Herbert Marx: “Well, at home I’ve taken a look myself and pulled out the oven and saw it’s one of ours”.