Plastics Technology

Another strength of Meleghy International is the plastics competence for producing crash-relevant structural components and surface fairing components according to customers’ requirements. We apply impact extrusion or compression molding process as needed. Our complex three-dimensional components are used in different fields with a wide variety of requirements in the automotive sector.

There are processed exclusively glass mat-reinforced thermoplastics (GMT) on the basis of polypropylene and polyamide. Our crash coverage with the polyamide matrix are applied e.g. in hybrid vehicles. The characteristic of polyamide as isolator and its high temperature resistance compared to propylene make its use possible in the engine and high voltage field.

Some examples from our own production are the crash-relevant safety components for motor protection in the fields of fuel lines and protection of high-voltage connections for hybrid vehicles. Our plastic components are joined into a steel- and glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GFRP) composite assembly, in order to ensure the highest degree of crash safety. This combination of metal and GFRP seems to be the high-end solution for our customers.

We offer a competence through the entire processing chain, starting in the selection of material, product development, tool and component design and the further mechanical processing and installation for completed functional components.

  • development of crash relevant GFRP components according to customer’s requirement

  • development of underbody protection systems according to customer’s requirement

  • realization of high crash performance through targeted use of corresponding GFRP materials

  • implementation of component validation

  • production of extrusion process and molding technique

  • serial production of individual parts or composite assemblies

  • processing of long glass fibre-reinforced plastics on the basis of polyamide and polypropylene (directed or randomly oriented fibre, depending on requirements profile)

  • processing of long glasfibre-rainforced material on the basis of polypropylene (e.g.: SymaLITE SL Ultra HP 1200 – surface weight of 1200g/m²)

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