Gera/Brussels, 28.5.2013: Among the motto „discovering Gera“ the free State of Thuringia and the city Gera invited to the traditional spring festival of the Thuringia representation.The Resonance exceeded all expectations, the municipality Gera predicates. According to that more than 350 representatives from the institution of the European Union appeared. For the mayor of Gera Dr. Viola Hahn (impartially) and her delegation with respresentatives from the Gera economy, among Dr. Gyula Meleghy and Hans Große of Meleghy Automotive, all this was a terrific opportunity to advertise Gera, to make new important contacts and get Informations at first hand. Meleghy Automotive shares this assessment and could get a lot positive out of that event.

Presseartikel Brüssel entdeckt Gera