Production art of Meleghy Automotive Wilnsdorf on the road

Meleghy Automotive has been a member of the Wilnsdorfer Unternehmer (AWU) working group for more than two years now, which is committed to a strong business location and a platform for

local companies for an intensive exchange of experience and cooperation at various levels. Now it was up to us, Meleghy Automotive, to welcome the 23 members to our pressshop for an exchange and a factory tour.

The production art of Meleghy Automotive Wilnsdorf rolls across the streets every day in vehicles from Audi, Mercedes, BMW or Volkswagen. Sounds amazing, “it is”, confirmed Dr. Thomas Werle, managing partner of Meleghy Automotive GmbH & Co. KG, to his guests – “our structural components can also be found, for example, in the switch cabinets of the regional company Rittal”, Dr. Werle underscored the regional cooperation for which AWU stands.

The focus of Meleghy Automotive, as the audience will see, is on the production of safe and high-quality pressed parts and complete body assemblies. In Wilnsdorf, roll bars, chassis parts, seat components and much more are produced from aluminium, steel and stainless steel. We attach great importance to quality assurance, of which the guests in the production halls were able to see for themselves. “And we train our own staff at our production sites in order to attract the best qualified young specialists,” added Dr. Werle.

Dr. Werle answers the question of whether a global player such as the Group Meleghy International can benefit from regional cooperation with other Wilnsdorf companies as follows: “We already have, especially in a current cooperation project with the occupational safety specialist Hugo Roth GmbH, who is in only 100 m air distance. “The company Hugo Roth helped us to considerably reduce the expenses for industrial safety gloves,” said Dr. Werle, “by analyzing production processes with us and suggesting more suitable glove models that suffer significantly less wear and tear and therefore need to be replaced less frequently. In addition, electronic output systems were installed for these articles.

AWU Chairman Timm Bendinger reported to the Wilnsdorf Committee on Economics and Transport that factory tours such as these are still planned. “Looking at other companies is not only interesting, but also reveals common challenges that we can solve together at AWU, such as the question of recruiting skilled workers,” Bendinger reported on successful projects such as the Trainee Map, which lists concrete offers for internships or vocational field days and was distributed to secondary schools in Wilnsdorf. Meleghy Automotive played a leading role in driving forward the working group set up for this purpose.

The reciprocal production visits and impulse lectures awaken potential for cooperation and allow new challenges to be identified and similar problems to be tackled jointly – this is precisely where we as a company derive added value.