The knowledge of the product and the manufacturing process is indispensable to the core competence of a Tier 1 automotive supplier for press parts and body assemblies. Deep know-how and sufficient capacity in engineering is therefore indispensable in order to be able to meet sustainable growth and constantly growing customer and product requirements. For this reason, the management of Meleghy Automotive and PDahlke Engineering GmbH have decided to make an important step in the future for both companies. With effect from July 2014, Meleghy Automotive assumes 80% of PDahlke Engineering GmbH, based in Gummersbach.

PDahlke Engineering GmbH (PDE) was founded in January 2013 by Dr.-Ing. Peter Dahlke and is based in Gummersbach. The focus of the PDE is the provision of engineering services, in particular for the development, planning and production of automotive body components and related production equipment and operating equipment. In the past 12 months, the PDE has successfully supported Meleghy Automotive as a service provider in numerous projects and tasks of project management, joining and tooling as well as quality assurance.

The PDE is geared towards and able to cover projects with the aim of transferring the product “Welding Assemblies (SGR) into serial production.

The PDE team has experienced project managers, structural engineers, method planners, tool specialists as well as geo- and quality engineers. In addition to Meleghy Automotive, Volkswagen, BMW, Allgaier, Imperia Engineering and the company consultant PWC / Booz & Co, the PDE’s customer group includes the company. Many of the PDE team members are already aware of the projects currently underway at Meleghy Automotive, in particular in Wilnsdorf and Gera.

Since January 2014 an optical measuring system (GOM ATOS III) has been part of the equipment of the PDE; This means that components and assemblies can be measured quickly and accurately, and devices and tools can be digitized, even CAD surfaces can be returned if required. “We are now pleased to be part of the Meleghy Automotive Group and to contribute to the success of the two companies with our engineering expertise, which gives our PDE the future and the certainty in its development and allows us to tackle upcoming tasks with motivation and joy! , Says Dr. Peter Dahlke, Managing Director of PDE, after conclusion of the contract.

“We have known PDE and our employees for a long time, and have done a great job in our projects, and the cooperation in the projects has always been a great success both professionally and humanly Is essential for us to be able to achieve our goals in the future. We still have a lot to do, we are going to tackle it together, “says a visibly satisfied Dr. Thomas Werle.

In addition to the support of the Meleghy Automotive Group, PDE will continue to acquire on the market as an independent company, providing engineering services to OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers. This open market orientation has its meaning, since the development of the PDE is also of great importance for the Meleghy company group, both from an economic and professional point of view. “With just this open market orientation”, Dr. Dahlke continues to point out the positioning of the PDE as an independent GmbH, “we are creating the one or the other further economic footing on the one hand, but on the other hand also the possibility of the high demand of the market and always in further development existing level “.