Under the motto „wind of change“ Meleghy Automotive took place the management days for the first time in the carcity Wolfsburg, which happened from the 5th-7th July.

At the invitation of the management, the executives met for a joint event in which a résumé of the last business year achieved as well as a attunement has been made to the challenges in the coming years.

During a factory tour through the world´s largest car plant, the participants were offered to gain an insight in the complexity of manufacturing an automobile to experience at first hand. In addition to the executives the spouse of colleagues took part in the event as well. It is important to Meleghy Automotive that not only the employees but also their partners are informed about the development of the company and participate.

Another highlight of the event was an information specialist and overview presentation about resource-efficient design and manufacture of automobiles by Volkswagen AG. This presentation, which is tailored to the occasion, gave all participants an outlook on future on technological challenges. In both the production and the substantial changes in vehicle.

The meeting was part of a motivational program, such as a driver safety training. The event served to information, but also of team building and mutual, cross-plant becoming acquainted the executives.
The event was a benefit for all participants.