Lightweight construction plays an increasingly important role in the automotive industry. In particular, the processing of materials such as aluminum in connection with other materials, e.g. Plastics open up new possibilities for the design of car bodies in a hybrid design.

Due to the different properties of the materials, the technicians are often faced with unresolved challenges in the design of assemblies in hybrid design.

To cope with this task, the employees of the company group were trained from the most varied areas on aluminum.

They were given extensive requirements on the topics of production as well as in the interplay within the entire process chain – raw material production to final product.

The training took place in the Hotel Pfeffermühle in Siegen at the beginning of January in 2015. All 35 employees praised the basic conditions and the content of the training.

We would like to thank Mr. Sven Töppich from ThyssenKrupp AG and Mr. Robin Turner from Thyssen Metallcenter Wörth, who accompanied this event as speakers.