New Schuler Press

Meleghy Automotive is expanding its stamping plant capacities within the Group. For this purpose, the existing press shop at the Bernsbach location – contrary to the original idea of closing the location completely – is being gradually developed into a state-of-the-art forming center for the Group. The first step was to invest in a new Schuler press, which represents a logical continuation of the compatibility of the existing presses at all locations.

Strategic forming center

Thanks to the strategic restructuring of the Bernsbach site into a forming technology center, it will not be closed. As a result of the associated modernization of the press shop, Meleghy Automotive will gain some modernized jobs in the forming sector. In conjunction with the state-of-the-art body-in-white plant in Reinsdorf, alternative jobs have been created for the Bernsbach workforce in the immediate vicinity and attractive jobs have also been created.

In total, around 370 jobs will then be offered at both locations. “With the increasing capacity utilization, the long-term capacity requirements and the overall economic development, there is a completely new strategic perspective for the Bernsbach site,” explains CFO Michael Scharff. “With the construction of the Reinsdorf site and the body-in-white outsourced there, we can concentrate on its core competence of forming at the Bernsbach site.”


TwinServo technology

The increasing processing of ultra-high-strength sheet metal in the area of body-in-white production results in a significant additional load on the machine body, which increases the demands on the design. Conventional machines are increasingly unable to cope with this additional load.

Meleghy Automotive is meeting this challenge with a forward-looking investment in the most advanced press technology available on the market. This enables gentler forming of the higher-strength sheets thanks to an alternative force application concept. Following intensive technical comparative analyses, the decision was made in favor of the press from Schuler.

“With the TST (TwinServo Technology) machine concept, we are taking a new approach with Schuler to meet the ever-increasing requirements for processing high-strength and ultra-high-strength sheet grades,” explains CTO/COO Dr. Thomas Werle. Meleghy Automotive has thus decided to introduce a machine concept to the group of companies that is based on underfloor technology. “By integrating a servo shear into the line concept, we are able to make optimum use of the machine table in general for the basic design of dies with regard to the forming process, without wasting table space for the pure production of rectangular blanks,” continues Stefan Thiele (Head of Forming Technology).

New Schuler TwinServo press

The new press offers a compact design in sheet metal forming and the new drive concept provides greater flexibility in production. This enables Meleghy Automotive to respond very sensitively to the requirements of the forming process. The machine has a press capacity of 20,000 kN and, with a machine table size of 6.1 m table length and 2.5 m width, fits seamlessly into the group’s machinery. This gives the company both upward and downward compatibility in the 16,000 kN press force class.

In addition, it is intended to install a second TST system at the Bernsbach plant in the near future in order to then meet the increased capacity requirements in the group of companies.