Relocation of a welding plant for potential growth

Our Czech subsidiary Meleghy Automotive Czech s.r.o. has been growing in terms of turnover and number of units since its takeover in 2015. Recently, the previously pure welding plant was extended by a minitandem line with a small press shop. The company is located for rent in the existing halls. Due to other companies in the building it was no longer possible to expand the area.


A solution was found with the previous landlord at the end of last year. The previous landlord built a new factory building across the street, which was completed at the end of May. Both halls belong to a Czech investor and are currently rented by Meleghy Automotive Czech. “However, we are looking for a subtenant from September 2020 for the old factory hall. However, we have not yet found one because of the current Covid-19 situation and the slowing economy in the Czech Republic,” explains plant manager Raul Pérez.

During the whole of June, the supply equipment for the welding systems (water cooling, air compressor, electricity and IT) and a new welding system for a new project for our customer BMW were installed. Since the beginning of July further existing welding cells have been moved from the old hall to the new one. Due to the standardized cells and processes we are able to relocate without having to stop production. Already now three standard cells are back in operation in the new factory. By the end of August, the entire production is to be relocated, in September the office areas will follow, so that the new factory will be up and running 100 percent by the end of November.

The press shop will remain in the old hall for the time being, but a space is already planned within the new hall. “We will keep the option open to relocate the large tandem line and, should it come to that, we will also coordinate this with customers and call-offs so that no production bottlenecks arise here either”, concludes plant manager Raul Peréz: “So far, we have been able to meet the schedule and milestones without bottlenecks, despite Covid-19, and we want to keep it that way”.