Further step in the succession planning of the company management

Wilnsdorf, 07.2022 – Meleghy Automotive announces that Mr. André Blech has taken over the position of Managing Director for Meleghy Automotive as of July 1st, 2022.

As a member of the new leadership team of Meleghy Automotive, established in the course of strategic succession planning, we are pleased to introduce André Blech, who, in addition to his duties as the new Managing Director, will oversee the areas of Supply Chain Management, Digitalization and HR for the entire group.

André Blech (41) has extensive knowledge in the relevant areas. Coming from the air freight logistics sector, the automotive industry is initially a new market for Blech. The experience and expertise from his industry are becoming increasingly relevant for Meleghy Automotive in the wake of sustainability and supply chains. In addition to his role on the Leadership Team, Blech has been the official Managing Director of Supply Chain Management, Digitization and HR since July 2022, making him part of the family-owned company’s strategic succession planning.

Blech looks forward to his new role and associated responsibilities with confidence: “At 10 years old, Meleghy Automotive is still a very young group of companies, but can already show its worth. In a short time, it has become an indispensable partner to the automotive industry. And not without reason. It has a lot of potential for innovation. The external expertise and international experience I bring from the logistics sector are very helpful in expanding digitization and automation.”

Commenting on Blech’s appointment, Michael Scharff, CFO of Meleghy Automotive, added: “Due to his corporate background, André Blech is an experienced manager and expert not only in the field of freight logistics. In him, we have found a competent addition to the management team. Especially the areas of supply chain and digitalization are becoming increasingly important in the course of sustainable supply chains, which is why we can benefit greatly from Blech’s expertise and network.”

Another step in the transformation of the leadership as part of the strategic succession planning has thus been taken. We are looking forward to the future together and many exciting projects and milestones in the company history of Meleghy Automotive.