First steps in the succession planning of the company management

Meleghy Automotive announces that Mr. Oliver Diessner will assume the position of Managing Director Sales for Meleghy Automotive as of November 1, 2021.

As the first member of the new leadership team of Meleghy Automotive, which has been established in the course of strategic succession planning, we are pleased to introduce Oliver Diessner, who, in addition to his duties as the new Managing Director, will be responsible for the areas of sales and marketing of the entire group of companies.

Oliver Diessner (47) has extensive knowledge of the automotive industry as well as a wealth of management and leadership experience. Diessner has both a finance and a technical degree. He has been part of the Group from the very beginning and quickly assumed strategic responsibility. As of November 2021, he is now Managing Director Sales & Marketing and thus part of the strategic succession planning of the family-owned company.

Diessner himself is looking forward to his new task with excitement: “There is immense potential in our group of companies in terms of developing further innovative solutions for the international automotive market, regardless of the drive technology. The new position and structure offers new challenges and plenty of potential for us.”

Dr. Gyula Meleghy, CEO of Meleghy Automotive, added to Diessner’s appointment, “With Oliver, we were able to further develop a highly valued manager and industry expert to lead Meleghy Automotive. We are convinced that with his network and expertise he can make a great contribution to the further growth of Meleghy Automotive.”

This is the first step in the transformation of the leadership team as part of the strategic succession plan – further appointment and introduction of the leadership team will take place in the coming months and will be strategically managed and communicated by the managing partners.