The development in Gera becomes very positive and further requires the new ganied projects, significant changes to the business structure and logistics processes. To counter this challenge in the run, the management decided a construction of a new logistics hall and other infrastructural measures.

On Monday the 16th September a small ceremony was held to start the construction project. Business- and plant-management celebrated together with the staff this positive moment and released the project by a symbolic act of a ground breaking.

This project is crucial to the development of the site Gera. Approximately 1.5 million € will be invested in infrastructure and measures of the new project. The basis for the new 3,400 square meter logistics center was developed in cooperation with the Institute of Management and Factory Systems of the TU Chemnitz. Besides the actual value of the current hall was thoroughly investigated within the production and redefined.

Because of spadework it was obtained by reaction of production units, redesigning internal ways, devoloping a completely new hall concept that meets the demand for more efficient logistics and furhter has also created another new space for additional potential new facilities. In conjunction with the new logistics center optimal conditions for dry loading and unloading will be created as well as a crossing-free intra-corporate connectivity by short supply routes. In March 2014 the completion of construction and the commissioning is expected to be timely enough to meet the rising levels of production.