A new concept for the future

Lauter-Bernsbach, 28.02.2019 – Meleghy Automotive Bernsbach GmbH plans, after more than 100 years of company history at the Lauter-Bernsbach location, a strategic reorientation combined with a relocation for the Erzgebirger sheet metal processor. This step will create a long-term future perspective for the company and the employment of the employees is to be secured.

The spatial and technical conditions of the two locations Lauter-Bernsbach and Lößnitz require a strategic reorientation of Meleghy Automotive Bernsbach GmbH.

In the future, the company will specialize in the production of body-in-white.

This reorientation includes the construction of a modern body-in-white production facility at a new location with convenient transport links and in close proximity to Bernsbach and Lößnitz, as well as the long-term discontinuation of existing forming production.

The two locations are no longer able to cope with the current competitive conditions and require a strategic relocation of the production plant – from the mountain to the valley. Due to the limited space and environmental conditions, it will not be possible to economically modernize the sites or expand the shell production area.

The reorientation is intended to create long-term future prospects for Meleghy Automotive Bernsbach GmbH and its employees and secure employment. The previously separate Bernsbach and Lößnitz locations will be merged at the new location in order to further intensify cooperation. In addition, a better connection to the pressing plant and the shell construction in Gera will take place, whereby new perspectives in terms of content can be pursued.