On 17th of July the largest sports event in Siegerlands happened for the 10th time. More than 8,000 enthusiastic runners, walkers and strollers, including 17 employees of Meleghy Automotive GmbH & Co. KG participated.

Our colleague Vanessa Res took part in recent years and suggested the management to participate as the company Meleghy Automotive. She met with a positive response and from then she took the internal organization enthusiasticly.

Across the operational organization, she met encouragement and formed a team that was with great enthusiasm and fighting spirit at the start. Matching the event the team had chosen the motto “Meleghy in Motion”. All runners ran in specially made running shirts.

With great weather, but unfortunately under the blazing sun and sweltering heat, they went to the start. Great, because no one gave up, although in the end one or another painful bladder reminded of what they have achieved.

Important was the participation, less about athletic performance, but more about Meleghy Automotive to represent at a local event and to reinforce the feeling of togetherness among colleagues, in line with our company motto “We are family”.