Meleghy Automotive is establishing the “Stamping Days” format for minimizing friction losses in the entire body shop process chain (from coil to finished welded assembly). Building on our “Assembly Days”, last year’s MPS studies and the “Robust Processes” project, the workshop format brought together engineering, plant engineering and logistics from the various Meleghy Automotive plants on site.

The last two years were characterized by digital meetings. Still, nothing beats face-to-face exchanges and on-site discussions in an international production operation. “The lively workshop format with enough time for discussions and case study analyses is a great enrichment for cross-departmental collaboration,” explains our Head of Forming Technology Stefan Thiele. Participants are interested in improving cross-departmental and cross-plant collaboration in our forming processes and making them run more smoothly to ensure ideal material flow.

To enable robust processes, the MPS study is essential. The Man Power Standardization Program was also reviewed and the results achieved so far were discussed. Likewise, our norms and standards, as well as a living knowledge base are important building blocks for stable processes.

“The participants rated the “Stamping Days” as a very interesting and insightful workshop. The interrelationships in some processes were clarified and presented transparently. It became clear how important good interaction among the individual departments is and that all employees must also adhere to fixed processes,” explains Thiele and adds: “Here, the concept of discipline is particularly important. Because an individual decision, even a well-intentioned one, that deviates from the standards can have far-reaching consequences for the overall success of the project.”