The floodwaters at the beginning of June in Gera did a damage altogether by 300 Million Euro in Thuringia third biggest city. Not just many private households were affected from the floodwaters, many companies and cultural facilities of the city took damage. Because of that the Hochwiesenbad and the Panndorfhall as a sports centre in Gera could not resume operations. The finance authority in Gera was also affected. 100m ongoing documents were destroyed.

Fortunately our factory in Gera escaped the flooding even though the water level already reached the railroad embankment.

Bad are the individual cases of the affected people. Within hours many people lost their belongings and some of them even their home. Also employees of our plant in Gera were directly affected by the floods. Basements, apartments or their houses were under water.

The management and plant management have decided that the employees doesn´t have to cope with their fate on their own.

With a directly donation and unbureaucratic help the people got provided. The stuff where delighted when our plant manager, Mr. Hans Große handed those donations. They thanked Mr. Große and to the mangement warmly for the quickly support.