Standard Green Belt Training always consists of two weeks. So in the last week of training, our Meleghyans thematically dealt with a good mix of LEAN and SIX SIGMA topics.

Due to some circumstances there was a slightly longer time between the two training weeks, which also affected the projects of our employees. However, it is important to mention that these projects with the Green Belt method cannot be completed in a few weeks, but traditionally require several months.

The training is now completed, which means that now the individual coaching by Eddy Van de Reviere starts­čÖî In this process our employee:s are supported in their projects and selection/use of the right tools.

But WHEN are our Meleghyans real GREEN BELTS?­ččó

Before it becomes official the following steps must be taken and completed:

1) Completion of 2 weeks of training (DONE!).
2) Successful completion of two Green Belt projects (this is the main focus right now!).

3) Passing the Green Belt exam

4) Presentation of one project to the Green Belt committee (General Management).
When all 4 steps are completed, they receive a certificate­čÄë and are ready to apply further projects, under the guidance of the “Head of Operations”, Ra├║l P├ęrez, in the company strategically and methodically.

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