This award to Meleghy Automotive was presented by IHK Vice President Christine Büring for intensive support and promotion

“With the certificate, we want to set accents for dual training and the commitment of the companies that goes beyond the legal requirements. Training is a joint task in the company that must develop across all levels. This investment requires a lot of time and know-how, but is extremely sustainable. You can feel that here,” emphasised IHK Vice President Christine Büring.

Meleghy Automotive Gera has already been able to train 73 apprentices in nine professions. “The award reflects a nice culmination of our strong commitment to training so far. A programme in which we have invested and continue to invest a lot of time and effort, because in this way we train qualified labour and skilled workers from the very beginning. Which seems more relevant than ever in the current context of the labour market situation. The award from the IHK is thus a confirmation of our path of identifying and developing talent early on,” said Managing Director André Blech.

At least 13 apprenticeships are planned at the Gera site in the areas of machine and plant operator, mechatronics technician, electronics technician for industrial engineering, warehouse logistics specialist, tool mechanic and industrial mechanic.

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“Our ultimate goal is to provide the apprentices with excellent training and thus enable them to graduate successfully. We want to give everyone the chance to shape their future. Therefore, the school leaving certificate is not decisive for us, but the willingness to learn something new,” said one of the trainers Jens Manske.

An internal apprenticeship workshop was set up and expanded for basic metal training. “This enables us to recognise the strengths and weaknesses of the young people at an early stage and to take everyone with us. Those who show interest can count on the company’s support at any time, even if there is a problem at vocational school. But there is also support for those who want to achieve more, because at Meleghy Automotive, training does not end when you pass your exams. Courses and further training are also offered to employees afterwards. Further training to become a technician is not uncommon and is also financially supported,” says training manager Torsten Gröbner.

From the second year of training, the apprentices are deployed in the skilled worker teams in production and receive additional support from three training officers. Offers for internal and external supplementary courses as well as learning mentorships are part of the training at Meleghy Automotive. It is equally important to implement the respective training in a practical manner.

LED retrofitting of the outdoor lighting in the car park and on the company building can save around 41,000 euros in six years. This information can be attributed to the trainees who took 1st place in the IHK competition “Energy Scouts”.

Meleghy Automotive thanks you for this valuable award and looks forward to all future new faces.

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