Jan 31, 2013 a dream came true for Chiara, who is suffering from lymph gland cancer. After finally overcoming illness, she was able to see the specially for her organized Bundesliga  pre-season game  between the HSG Wetzlar and the TV Hüttenberg, which was held within a framework of a fundraiser for her benefit. Chiara, the five-year old daughter of our employee, Michael Feckler, has been looking forward to this game for a long time.

The preliminary was held by the girls’ team of the VFB Driedorf, in which her older sister played on the right half position. To cheer for her big sister on the field, was a special pleasure for her, just like it was for Meleghy Automotive to sponsor the trendy jerseys for the young women and to see how they successfully completed their premiere by a victory of the VFB Driedorf over HSG Eibelshausen (16:14).

The Clown Doktoren accompanied Chiara, as well as many other children, through their difficult time. Our human resource manager, Mr. Christian Balanze, honorary board member of the “Clown Doktoren”, insisted on selling red clown noses during the event for a good cause and good mood. Also the numerous employees of Meleghy Automotive that came to the event spontaneously donated to the “Clown Doktoren”. The donations and proceeds benefit this association for the care of other children.  One great thing that is second to none.