Meleghy Automotive invested in a 8,000 kN transfer press that is located in Wilnsdorf. Supplier is the company Schuler. The new plant replaces a 48-year-old production plant by the latest press technology. The new servo-motor driven press plant can operate both progressive dies as well as tools with parts transfer. Steel, stainless steel and aluminum can be processed operated by an appropriate separation of scrap metal and dimensioning of the feed units. The material feed ensued exclusively via coil feed.

2 sliding tables allow optimum tool changeover times. The dimensions of the press tables are 4600 mm x 1900 mm. Tools with an installation height of max. 1350 mm and a max. total weight of 25 t can be installed.

For the use of transfer tools, the system is equipped with an electronically controlled 3-axis transfer. All axes are fully programmable. The maximum transport step is 800 mm. The variable power stroke is limited to 450 mm.

The project is already in realization. First major components for the plant construction are expected in calendar week 20/2016. All necessary preparatory measures are being implemented and running on schedule. This allows the planned commissioning of the production plant in the calendar week 34/2016.