Strong on site

When the end of school is approaching and the step into professional life is about to begin, most students have many open questions. For this important decision, pupils of secondary schools in Wilnsdorf can consult the trainee map of the Arbeitskreis Wilnsdorfer Unternehmer (AWU). Meleghy Automotive is part of the working group and provider of ideas for the Trainee Map of the AWU, which created this brochure in its second edition this year.

As the first edition of the brochure met with an exclusively positive response from young people, parents, teachers and companies, the Trainee Map is now entering the next round. As a useful orientation and decision-making aid, the young people are given insights into Wilnsdorf companies in various sectors and their training offers on 39 pages. However, the brochure not only lists information on local companies and their training places, but also contains concrete offers for the vocational field investigation days and company internships at the schools that are on the curriculum in the middle and upper school.