Eight interested students made use of our cooperation with the Haupt- und Realschule Wilnsdorf and visited our factory in Wilnsdorf for a few hours. These are students who already have an interest in technical and logistical apprenticeships.

But what exactly can one imagine under training occupations, such as “specialist for warehouse logistics”?

The students came to our plant with these and many other questions. After a presentation of our company by our hr business partner and lots of information on the individual training occupations that we offer on site by training managers and employees from logistics, there was a guided tour. The students saw live how the pressed parts are deep-drawn, how robots weld body parts together and how much responsibility there is in shipping these parts to our customers.

The practical illustration at the individual locations made it clear how much responsibility each individual has for the production. In addition to the “oha” effect on the large machines, the enthusiasm of the students for the individual training occupations grew, because: “now I know what I can imagine and where to work later”. This repeatedly mentioned and the generally positive feedback about the management, both from the students and the teachers, was success enough for us. Because our goal is to fascinate young people for classic apprenticeships, especially in our region.

We will intensify this cooperation in the future.