“Companies who train today, secure qualified professionals for tomorrow”

For the first time the location Wilnsdorf started on the 1st of August in 2013 under the motto „Future with us“ the following example of the location Gera, the training of young people in the trades toolmakers, machine and plant operators and industrial mechanics.

As a competent training partner Meleghy Automotive has won the Career Workshop of the German steel works. Thus it is ensured that the young people in a professional training environment can spend the first months of their training. And then later, when the second year of training starts they are able to implement the deepening in the departments.

We welcome our young colleagues in the company.

In preparation to the next stage of life, the managing partner of Meleghy Automotive, Dr. Thomas Werle and the Head of Human Resources, Christian Balanze, as well the training manager, George Wurm, Career Workshop of the German steel works welcomed the young people with their parents. During an information session, both the parents and the young people got the opportunity to meet the company and its future contact. Also they got a first impression of the expectations of them.

The training at the location Gera in Thuringia begins to the 01st of September in 2013. For Sergei Schlee the training to a machinery and plant operator as well as for Chris Mittag to an electrician for industrial engineering begins on that day. The location Gera is still looking for trainees. We welcome your application. We wish all trainees a successful training period in our company.