Meleghy International and TuS Wilnsdorf/Wilgersdorf e.V. entered into a partnership for the promotion of young soccer talents. The sponsorship is part of the “Future with us” program. On the 21.09.2016 the Youth Board Achim Kringe, Torsten Uch and Dr. Thomas Werle, CEO of Meleghy International, announced the program with the official signature.

“The aim of the partnership is to enable young people a motivating and attractive environment in the exercise of their sport. By working out one does something for body, mind and soul,”said Dr. Werle, whose vision is to lead young people at an early stage to sports and thus provide a healthy basis for the body and soul. The training program of the group “future with us” on the other hand is the building block for future professionals and knowledge.

The sponsor partner Meleghy International has in his division Meleghy Automotive a successful training program for several years now. At the plants of Meleghy Automotive students are offered internships and trainings in various professions. “With the team we have found a competent partner who also strives intensively to promote his own talents. We also preferably educate for our company needs, “says Dr. Werle.
The partnership is limited to the promotion of the young talents because youth is the future of the company. For a “future with us” we need strong junior staff. This is to be promoted at all levels.