Forming Tomorrow.

For you. For us. For everyone.

Your expert in the sheet metal processing industry

Your expert in the sheet metal processing industry …Meleghy Automotive

… Our strength lies in the development and production of (body) structural components for the automotive and sheet metal processing industries. We produce both simple assemblies and complex systems and are proud to supply all leading car manufacturers with first-class products. We are your expert and full-service partner in the development of flexible and customized production methods and high-precision manufacturing of your products for the stable mobility of the future.

Get to know the team behind our success and discover how we are shaping the future – not just for us, but for everyone.


Forming tomorrow.

For you. For us. For everyone.

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At Meleghy Automotive, you can help shape processes from day one. Because our employees are our most valuable asset. We are aware of this and this is what we live and act by.

Our dedicated employees are the driving force behind our success. For us, forming tomorrow also means shaping the talent behind our company – from engineers and designers to technicians and skilled workers.

The tireless commitment of our team drives the constant pursuit of excellence and brings more than just components to the world.

Forming tomorrow.

For you. For us. For everyone.