Sustainability Meets Meleghy Automotive

Meleghy Automotive is part of Meleghy International, a group of companies owned by five families. For the five families, ethical, social, ecological and economic awareness is a basic prerequisite for their actions.

Although the company in its current form has only been in existence for just over a decade, it has a history spanning more than a century with a wealth of experience in the automotive industry through its individual Meleghy Automotive entities.

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Our sustainability reports

In our sustainability report, we provide a comprehensive insight into our strategy, goals and successes in the area of sustainability. In this report, we analyze our commitment in various sustainability areas, including economic, ecological and social sustainability and corporate policy aspects in these areas, which have a significant impact on our actions and our environment.

Because with our vision

Forming tomorrow. For you. For us. For everyone.

we define our commitment to always act sustainably together through our understanding and within our competencies.

Our goal

Forming tomorrow.

The Group’s aim is to further expand its position as a supplier in the national and international environment and, by strengthening its core competencies combined with its expertise, to influence products and the design of value-added processes against the backdrop of sustainability. The company is also making efforts to further expand its offering in the area of sustainable product development and optimization.

Focus on thematic areas (SDGs)

The 17 Sustainability Development Goals

Health & well-being

Ensure a healthy life for all people of all ages and promote their well-being.

Affordable and clean energy

Secure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all

Dignified work and economic growth

Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

Health & well-being

Ensure a healthy life for all people of all ages and promote their well-being.

Partnerships for achieving the goals

Strengthen the means of implementation and breathe new life into the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development.