Our corporate philosophy

At Meleghy Automotive, our mission, vision and philosophy are crucial to our actions as a family-run company. These shared values are the foundation of our trust in cooperation and our entrepreneurial success.

Our mission


Forming tomorrow with Innovation, Precision and Sustainability. For you. For us. For everyone.


“With innovation, precision and sustainability we are shaping tomorrow. For you. For us. For everyone.”, this claim reflects our commitment to developing innovative technologies and manufacturing processes as well as high-precision solutions that help shape the production methods for shaping the mobility of the future.

Sustainability in resource utilization and customer satisfaction are at the heart of our philosophy, while at the same time we strive to create positive change for society as a whole.


Our vision


„Forming tomorrow.
For you. For us. For everyone.”


Unsere Vision ist der Kern unserer Marke und gleichzeitig unsere zentrale Markenbotschaft. Denn wir gestalten schon heute für das Morgen – als Familienunternehmen, auf vielen Ebenen.

  • Als Familienunternehmen sind wir bestrebt, die Zukunft der Mobilität durch Innovation und Fortschritt zu gestalten.
  • Unsere Verantwortung gegenüber der Umwelt und der Gesellschaft spiegelt sich in der Schaffung nachhaltiger Prozesse und Produkte wider.
  • Wir setzen uns für höchste Standards und die kontinuierliche Verbesserung ein, sowohl in Bezug auf Qualität als auch auf die Entwicklung und Zufriedenheit unserer Belegschaft.
  • Unser langfristiges Ziel ist es, finanziell unabhängig zu wachsen und unser Unternehmen in Familienbesitz zu bewahren.

Our philosophy in the form of 11 guiding principles


For more than 10 years, the company’s guiding principles have contained fundamental statements on a wide range of areas of activity, such as health and safety, employee motivation, responsible use of resources, open and trusting communication and partnership-based cooperation with customers and suppliers. They reflect the most important areas of our thoughts and actions and reflect our mission and vision.


Performance, reliability and communication at eye-level distinguishes us as a partner. The trust of customers is our success! Through innovative thinking and acting, we convert him to us.


Every employee is responsible for the quality of the company, because the quality is the result of our actions. We pride ourselves on our quality!


The safety of each is only guaranteed if we act thoughtful, recognize dangers in time and immediately switch off. We are all responsible for safety


Every employee is important and deserves respect and appreciation. Motivated and qualified employees are the basis of our common success!

Environment and Resources

The awareness of a responsible dealing with the environment and the resources used determines our thinking and actions.


We are an innovative and reliable company and an employer of choice. Our appearance is friendly, open and reliable.


Ours is an open and trusting communication, we inform binding, comprehensively and accurately!


We are working as a reliable partner on the common success with our customers and suppliers.

Economic success

Our economic success is the foundation on a common and secure future!


Health protection is mandatory for all of us, we all benefit of it.

We are family!

“We are family!” –Down-to-earthness, active leadership, competence, fairness and cooperation characterize the management style in the company.

Forming tomorrow.

For you. For us. For everyone.

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